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Do You Have To Pay For Apartment Amenities In Bloomington?

May 17, 2023
Swimming pool at Lakeside Apartments in Carmel.

When trying to find the right apartment, probably the primary thing you'll consider is location. Secondly, you'll need to determine what you have the budget for. When you have the neighborhood and rent payment figured out, you'll also want to find out about the available amenities. Is there a pool and gym? Do you have to pay for apartment amenities in Bloomington? Let's investigate what things are considered to be amenities and whether or not you'll be required to pay an extra charge for them.

What Features Are Considered To Be Apartment Amenities?

Fitness center at City's End Apartments in IndianapolisGenerally speaking, apartment amenities are bonus features supplied to Residents to elevate their experience at the property. There's plenty that could be placed into this description. You could view high-end appliances at an elegant mid-rise apartment to be an amenity or even surveillance cameras that boost security. But when the bulk of people view amenities, they are thinking of the following:

  • Swimming pools
  • Health centers
  • Business centers and clubhouses
  • Grilling stations
  • Walking trails
  • Bark parks
  • Parking garages or covered parking

Now that we’ve clarified what amenities are, let’s find out if you’ll need to pay for them.

Are Apartment Amenities Included In Bloomington, IN?

Kitchen area of apartment clubhouseWhile it’s true you could come across properties that impose an amenity fee, the straightforward reply to the question above is "yes". Apartment amenities are typically covered in your rent. Taking that under consideration, a complex that has numerous popular amenities will likely demand a higher rent. This is done to offset the price of running and maintaining those amenities. The encouraging news is that the cost is shared among all occupants, and your rent will likely be comparable to other places in the area.

It will usually make more financial sense to reside in an apartment with the amenities you wish to have in lieu of going elsewhere and having to pay for things like a health club membership separately. From a convenience standpoint, wouldn’t it be advantageous to utilize a pool or health center within your own apartment community?

Amenities You Might Pay An Additional Fee To Have

Entrance to apartment parking garageThe amenities shared by all occupants, like swimming pools and clubhouses, will be part of your rent, but there could be some other amenities you pay extra to get access to. For instance, you may elect to rent extra, on-location storage right next to your apartment. Or, you could choose to rent a reserved space in a parking garage. When being guided around the property, make certain you inquire if there are some added fees for the amenities you want.

Explore The Wonderful Apartment Amenities At City Flats at Renwick

Now that you are aware if you need to pay for apartment amenities in Bloomington, it’s time to locate the features you want within your new community. Schedule a tour at City Flats at Renwick and experience the best in luxury apartment living. Our helpful leasing agents are eager to respond to any inquiries you have about our many apartment amenities and features. If you need more information, just contact us at 812-578-7432.