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Ways To Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington

June 29, 2022
Blue decor with wooden flooring in a spacious living room located at Echo Park Bloomington apartments.

You could have children in your life or a newborn on the way. Or perhaps you frequently host family and friends with youngsters. Whatever the case may be, if you intend to have little kids in your Bloomington apartment, you’ll need to do some childproofing to make sure everyone is protected. Here are several tips to childproof your apartment in Bloomington.

Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington By Placing Dangerous Items Into Unreachable Spots

Colorful bedroom located at Lakeside apartments 

Little ones are inquisitive and want to get their hands on just about anything. The initial consideration when childproofing an apartment in Bloomington is to put dangerous, messy, or fragile objects out of reach. Walk around your apartment seeking out objects a toddler shouldn’t have access to and find a new home for each one. This should include
  • Any sharp items.
  • Any hazardous materials.
  • Strings and cords from window blinds that present a strangulation hazard.
  • Easily broken keepsakes.
  • Important documents.
  • Vases and other filled containers.
  • Things that look edible but aren’t, like pills or pet food and water.
  • Unsecured bookshelves or other furniture that a little one might pull over.
  • Markers, pencils, and art supplies.

Use Locks To Halt Little Ones From Rummaging Through Cabinets

Close up of a white cabinet with a baby-proof lock system. 

Even in spacious apartments, you’re not likely to have enough high places to store things. You’re still able to shield young ones and your valuables by putting them in secured cabinets. You’ll find many types of child safety locks available for purchase. Some interlock with the cabinet handles, while others make doors way too hard to open for little ones with limited dexterity. And if the child in your life enjoys playing in the fridge or toilet, invest in safety locks for those as well.

Use Baby Gates To Stop Your Youngest Guests From Wandering

Baby throws a yellow ball through the baby gate on the floor. 

As soon as they are mobile, babies want to roam around. When trying to keep them close by and away from dangerous spots like the bathroom or kitchen, use a pack ‘n’ play or baby gates to secure them. A little pack ‘n’ play will have ample room for a baby and plenty of stuffed animals, balls, and other toys to entertain them while you’re cooking dinner or attempting to study or work. Collapsible playards can be put away easily when not in use.

When dealing with eager toddlers, indoor gates will corral them to one area. Many baby gates use a pressure-mounted system so that you don’t have to drill holes in surrounding walls. In the event you do need to employ your drill for a baby gate, plan to repair the holes before moving.

Keep Young Guests Away From Harm With Childproof Entry Locks

Little ones get bigger fast, and before you know it, they’re at a height where they can grasp the doorknob and escape. To stop them, consistently keep your chain locked whenever you have children in the house. If your unit doesn’t have a door chain lock or you regularly neglect to keep it locked, consider a cover for the door knob that makes it tough for small hands to grasp and turn the knob. For sliding doors, try an easy-to-install flip lock. These stick to the non-movable section of the door and halt children from moving the door at all after you engage the lock.

Prevent Falls With A Balcony Barrier

Balcony with a railing at Waverly Apartments

If you let little ones have fun on your balcony, a fixed balcony protector is mandatory. These have the appearance of nets and attach to your balcony to prevent any items from escaping through openings. You might even opt for a a privacy product that offers the bonus of bringing you privacy even when you don’t have kids about.

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