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How To Reduce Noise In Your Apartment In Bloomington

May 10, 2023

Cultivating relationships with others in your building is a great way to ensure you enjoy a more positive sense of togetherness at your apartment community. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by being courteous and minimizing the amount of racket issuing from your unit. Here are some easy tips on how to reduce noise in your apartment in Bloomington and a couple thoughts for handling a disruptive neighbor.

Use Area Rugs As Apartment Noise Reduction Solutions In Bloomington

Stylish apartment living room with large area rugWhile it’s easy to see why you would fixate on the noise penetrating through your walls, it’s a good idea to think about your flooring first. Hard-sole shoes or high heels on top of laminate, hardwood, or other types of floors may be quite loud. Have a heart and muffle those noisy footfalls with an area rug. You could utilize an underlay and lower noise to a greater extent. Area rugs are fantastic apartment noise reduction solutions in Bloomington, and they are offered in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your specific floor plan and decor.

Wall Art Can Help To Reduce Noise At Your Apartment In Bloomington

Relaxing apartment living room with decorative wall artYour creative skills and designer’s touch can actually help you reduce noise at your apartment in Bloomington. The oversized framed painting you love is ideal for a wall you share with neighbors as it will help disperse sound both leaving and passing into your apartment. Other ideas you could think about include fabric adornments and foam pieces. Get imaginative and enjoy the extra bonus of noise reduction.

In addition, sound-absorbing tiles are a clever choice and perfectly suited for spaces like utility rooms where you’re not as concerned about style. Your laundry appliances will make a lot of noise. These wall panels will help reduce it.

Think About The Impact Of Your TV And Sound System

Living area with entertainment center, large sofa, and area rugYou love the deep, clear tones emanating from your sound system, but those who live nearby might not be as thrilled. Be mindful of where the noise is aimed. If feasible, avoid pointing speakers toward the unit below you or at a wall shared with neighbors. Naturally, keeping the sound at a reasonable level when it’s late won’t hurt either. If you’re longing for some high-volume music or a live show, explore some of the excellent entertainment choices in your area instead.

Recommendations For Dealing With A Noisy Neighbor

Guest bedroom with dresser and large window.You now have suggestions on how to reduce noise in your apartment in Bloomington, but what should you do about a noisy neighbor? Here are some recommendations to help decrease the sound passing into your apartment.

  • Check your doors and windows.These access points also act as spots for noise to leak in. Inspect the weather stripping and look for obvious openings. If it needs to be addressed, talk with your service team or find out if you can update it on your own. Use denser curtains on windows and a door sweep below your front entrance to help reduce exterior noise.
  • Muffle the sound at your shared wall. Heavier furnishings may help lessen sound passing through a shared wall. Substantial bookcases and dressers are wise options.
  • Avoid a confrontational approach. It could reach a point where you have to talk to your neighbor. Opting for kindness instead of hostility is typically a smarter and more effective strategy.
  • Advise the office about the concern. When noise becomes an ongoing problem, please inform property management. The office members are able to address the situation and provide you a resolution without a direct confrontation.

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